Selfless.CSGO Qualifies for Dreamhack Austin!

After an extremely tiring day of over 12 hours of CSGO from start to finish, we have qualified for the Dreamhack Austin event. I'm extremely proud of the resilience the team showed today, and can't wait to show the world what we can do at the LAN event in May.

Having won the first series against an ESEA IM team with relative ease, we were matched up against Team Splyce in a best of 3. We fell down in the series 0-1 with a pretty poor performance on Inferno, but were able to fight through the second map, Dust2, with a 16-14 win, forcing the third map. 

On the third map we made several huge plays to keep the dream alive, and fought our way to a double overtime victory, 22-18. 

With only about 15 minutes separating the series between Splyce and the semi-finals (the finals for our side of the bracket to determine the qualifier winner), we hopped into the server to face off against our long-time rivals, Tempo Storm. 

We AGAIN found ourselves down in the series, 0-1, with a really poor performance on Cache that had started out with an early lead. The second map in the series was Train, a map that Tempo Storm is notoriously good at, but some really good gun rounds T side and some great holds on CT side, including a 2v4 clutch to close the map, helped us sneak away with a 16-14 win, forcing a third map. 

Losing ANOTHER knife round, we found ourselves starting on T side of Inferno, where we quickly racked up round after round with great team play, good trades, and clean executes, resulting in a T half that provided us a 10-5 lead. We lost the CT pistol round, but came right back winning the eco that followed, and after all was said and done, we were able to finish out the series 2-1, with a 16-9 win on Inferno.

I'd like to thank all of our fans, old and new, for their support, and hope we made you all proud tonight-- we're excited to head to Texas!