Selfless CSGO Invited to Playoffs for Esports Championship Series

The Selfless CS:GO team has been given a direct invitation to the playoffs for a potential spot in the Esports Championship Series, a league founded by FACEIT in combination with Twitch. From their press release:

FACEIT, the world’s leading competitive gaming platform, in partnership with Twitch, the world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers, is launching a revolutionary esports initiative, the Esports Championship Series (ECS). The initiative’s flagship league, ECS – Counter-Strike, signifies a giant leap forward in the evolution of esports, as it will be the first professional esports league to offer teams co-ownership, like many traditional professional sports leagues. The league will consist of 20 teams (10 from North America and 10 from Europe) and will kick off today with a pre-show at 8:30am PT/11:30am ET and game time at 9:00am PT/12:00pm ET with US$3.5M in payout for prize money and team financial support.

Our team will compete against one of the two teams that make it out of the round robin group in a best of 5 series, with the winner landing a spot in the ECS. It goes without saying that we are VERY excited and extremely grateful for this opportunity, and hope to show our best CS to date on Friday, the 8th, to make our way in.

Send us your energy and as always, thanks for your love and support.