Hugo "Hugs" Gonzalez

General info

From: West Hills, CA
About HugS:

Hugs is a youthful, yet thoroughly experienced Smash Melee veteran. He resides in SoCal, the superior region for Super Smash Bros. Melee. 

Hugo has been a top level competitor in the Smash Brothers scene since mid 2004. He quickly began climbing the ranks since his start, with top 8 placings at major events such as the 2006 MLG Pro Circuit and even making grand finals at EVO 2007. 

He continued to compete at a high level throughout the modern era, with a 9th place finish at EVO 2015 and a top 20 worldwide ranking on the 2015 MIOM top 100 rankings.

On top of being a dedicated competitor, HugS is both a content creator and a community figurehead. He runs one of the most popular Smash Brothers streams at , and has been featured in important community building projects, including the famed "The Smash Brothers" documentary, which helped revitalize the scene into a legitimate top 10 eSport in 2013. 

Warmup Routine:  He practices fundamental tech skill daily, employs mental strategies to keep his mind in check, and makes sure to maintain a healthy lifestyle both during and outside of tournaments.

Favorite Smash Memory: Defeating Ka Master in grand finals at what was thought by many would be the last major Melee tournament to exist. Hugo considers it an amazing experience earning 1st place for himself as well as California at such a big event.