Jeff "emongg" Anderson

General info

Age: 26
From: Massachusetts
About emongg:

Jeff "emongg" Anderson is a player who brings a lot of pure talent to the table.  Jeff has been a professional player in Call of Duty 4, Brink, Battlefield, and AVA.  When Counter Strike Global Offensive had it's first competitive season in ESEA, Emongg accompanied by Michael3D was on Team Hold Mouse One which finished the Invite Season with an impressive 15-1 record in the regular season.  Emongg left CS:GO with a goal to become a full-time Twitch streamer and has now returned to compete with the goal to become one of the best Overwatch players in the game.  Emongg also holds the record for words per minute spoken in our Discord.

In-game settings

Sensitivity: 18.75 // 6/11 Windows


Keyboard: Logitech G910
Mouse: Zowie FK1
Headset: Astro A40 TR
Mousepad: Steelseries 9 HD
Monitor: Asus 144hz vg248qe

Warmup Routine:  Dr. Junkenstein
Favorite Overwatch Memory: Dhak charging off the left side of Hanamura during a ranked game while I teleported 2ft in front of me on reaper on accident