Daniel "dhaK" Martinez Paz

General info

Age: 27
From: Spain
About dhaK:

From escaping the crib to play Mario Bros on a muted TV to avoid waking up his parents, to playing Counter Strike for top spanish teams by the time he was 17 years old, dhaK has been playing video games his whole life.  Soon after graduating from highschool, dhaK found online poker and fell in love with the card game leaving everything else aside to focus on improving at the game.  While enjoying a successful poker career, the Overwatch Beta was officially realeased.  dhaK found himself in possession of a beta key and started playing Overwatch a lot.  Picking up lucio because of his admiration for the movement mechanics in FPS games.  It wasn't long until he was recognized as one of the best Lucios in the world because of his mechanical movement skill with Lucio.    

In-game settings

Sensitivity: 4.75 // 50 Scope // 1600 dpi // 6/11 Windows


Keyboard: Corsair K65 TKL
Mouse: Zowie EC2-A
Headset: Audio Technica Open Air
Mousepad: Artisan Hien Mid
Monitor: BenQ XL2411

Warmup Routine:  Training range until I get bored of getting sixtuple kills (around 5 minutes). After that, I make a custom lobby with bots for around 20 minutes, throw a couple healers on your team and get a full enemy team that doesn't have a Roadhog on it. Decrease respawn time and play around with the settings: headshots only, decreased damage, etc...
Favorite Overwatch Memory:  Doing a VOD review on youtube (thanks blizzard for not having a built-in replay system yet) we were forced to use 0.25 speed to figure out what was going on, and started laughing for 20 minutes straight at how drunk everyone sounded like. Highly recommended team bonding exercise.