Braden "Pluto" Schenetzki

General Info


Age: 20
From: Southern Indiana
About Pluto:

Braden has been a fan of sports and gaming his entire life.  Formerly of Genesis, Pluto has been playing Rocket League and Car Soccer for 6 years.  During RLCS Season 2, RLCS caster Shogun pronounced Pluto as Plu'oh and due to community demand, Pluto will be known as Plu'oh for Season 3 of RLCS.

On top of his experience with Rocket League, he's also a great example of what Selfless looks for; someone that embodies selflessness in and out of the game and is an active member in his local community.  Pluto has been a volunteer at the Winter and Summer Special Olympics the last few years and we are glad to have someone like qualities like his on board with us.  

In-game settings


Controller: PS4
Headset: Sennheiser Game One
Monitor: BenQ XL2411

Warmup Routine: I like to always make sure my body and hands are warm for important tournaments and games.  
Favorite Rocket League Memory:  Finishing the regular season with the best record worldwide for the MLG Pro League Regular Season