The Lion, known as "The King of the Jungle", encompasses a lot of the characteristics we expect of our players, and these values are on display best within a lion's Pride.

A pride can contain over 30 individual lions, that, when working together, protect, feed, and survive as a team. Each member of the pride serves the greater good of the group, providing value, often serving in a specific role in accordance of their abilities; be it hunting, protection, or the raising of cubs. 

While individually, the "King of the Jungle" is an impressive creature, it is together that the lion is at its greatest.

The tagline "Selfless Pride" is a bit of a play on words-- as it indicates both the "Pride" we have in our Selfless approach to the game (and hopefully to life), and all the values that emphasizes, as well as lending itself to the meaning described above, where each member of our fan-base and community is a part of our "Pride".