Selfless CS:GO Updates - WESG Finals Lineup

It's been known for some time, but today we officially announce the transfer of Vincent "Brehze" Cayonte to NRG Esports. Brehze has shown himself to be a highly skilled, capable player, and I personally look forward to seeing him continue his rise to the top of the NA region as one its best players. 

As part of our release agreement with NRG for the acquisition of Brehze, we retained the ability to have him compete with our team at the WESG Finals event in China next month. It will likely be the last official event in which Brehze competes under the Selfless logo. We're very grateful for his time, service, and hard work put in as he competed with us, and hope to send him out in style at this event. 

After completing the Visa process successfully, today we are able to announce the starting 5 we will be competing with at the WESG LAN Finals in China. That 5 will be: 

  • Nifty
  • Kaboose
  • no_one
  • Brehze
  • Slemmy 

The new name on the list, Slemmy, will be leading the team at the event, providing the in-game leadership and bringing a new level of structure to the team. While we are still working through some roster options for the rest of the events and into 2017, we believe that Slemmy will remain as the 4th member of our team. 

Thank you all for your continued love and support! We're very grateful for the 2016 you've allowed us to have, and are honored to be representing the United States of America at the WESG Finals in January.