Selfless CS:GO - Roster Updates

Today we announce changes to both of our CS:GO teams. It's been pretty quiet on the Selfless CS:GO front for a month or so, and for good reason. During this "off-season" for our teams, we've spent time evaluating different options, and to some degree, are continuing to do so as I write this. 

Intense. But still lost a foot race to Uber. True lover of ice cream. 

Intense. But still lost a foot race to Uber. True lover of ice cream. 

That said, after discussing with the team and with Mitch directly, we've decided it's best for both parties to part ways, and allow Mitch to pursue other opportunities. We've thoroughly enjoyed competing with "Uncle Mitch", and wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors. 

On our female CS:GO team (Selfless Purple?), the ladies have decided to look for a new 5th to replace raerae, who has since been released. I'd like to thank Regan for her service in helping our female team continue its growth and progress, with a recent 2nd place finish out at ESWC. Regan is a very talented player, and we wish her well as she continues her competitive career. 

As stated above, we are continuing to explore all options, both with building/upgrading our own roster, as well as possible player transactions/trades with other organizations. It's been a crazy off season and the "NA Shuffle" rumor mill is in full swing, with a lot of possible changes to a growing list of teams. 

Thank you again for your continued love and support-- can never thank you all enough for the year we've had.