A beautiful ride it's been...


We started this journey quite a time ago, coming together as a team (albeit with a mix of other players) back in the ESEA Intermediate division. It was there that we played under the banner of "Selfless"-- a word which I frequently used to describe the way I wanted our team to play. Fast forward a solid 12-18 months, and here we are-- a bit of an underdog, but a team that has continually improved, month after month, season after season, all while retaining a selfless attitude and style of play. 

In addition to the selfless culture we've had and maintained, the other staple on our team was a certain young player... America's literal Kenny S, "koosta". As you all have seen in recent days, Kenny is now moving on to join Team Liquid in their own pursuits of a Major Championship. 

But before he goes, we're going to finish this somewhat storybook journey as a team-- selflessly, and with maybe a little bit more heart and soul than before. 

This is our official announcement that we WILL be playing with Koosta at the Major Qualifier next week. I can think of no better ending to this story than to bring the 5 we've been playing with to this event for one last hurrah-- and doing it under the name we started this journey under those many months ago. 

Last but not least, I'd like to send a thank you to the EnemyGG organization, their ownership, investors, and staff, for providing us with the opportunities we've been afforded this past 6-7 months together. It's been a beautiful ride to go from where we started to where we are now. 

I ask all of our fans, old and new, to continue to send us your love and support, as we do our part to represent North America at the upcoming major qualifier. 

With love and appreciation,