Video Editing Contest!

We're in need of assistance to find a great multimedia editor to regularly produce videos of our teams. To start with, we're looking for someone who can produce well edited highlight videos from our CS:GO team to showcase the talent of our players.

If you think you're the right person for the job, please grab some demos from our recent matches, pump out some great work, and link us your edited video. To help clarify the guidelines: 

  • Please keep the videos less than 3 minutes (for your time and for ours)
  • Do not use any license-restricted audio/music
  • Overlaying caster audio is fine/encouraged when the hype is real
  • Showcasing one player is fine, but a highlight from each is preferred if possible
  • Once completed, you can submit your link to
  • Points will be given to those who can follow instructions 
  • Submissions must be made by March 29th, 2016

The plan is to post the finalists and let the community vote on the best edit to help us find talent we may work with in the future!