Selfless Helps Team Karma Attend Copenhagen Games

Team Karma 

Team Karma 

This week we reached out to support a fellow North American team in need. That team is one of the undisputed top three women’s Counter-Strike teams in the world; Team Karma.

While the members of Team Karma hosted fundraiser events to generate the funds needed to cover most of their travel costs, they ended up having to come out of pocket to offset their remaining expenses, and needed a little bit of help to get to Copenhagen Games. The squad is eager to defend their title as the reigning Copenhagen Games champions and we wanted to make sure they'd have the opportunity to do so.  

In addition to having to come out of pocket to cover the delta between what they were able to raise and what the final travel costs were, some last minute travel fees came up unexpectedly, as some team members were originally scheduled to head to Copenhagen via Brussels, but thankfully weren’t scheduled to fly out until the day after the terrorist attacks on that very airport. 

Team Karma recently returned home from Katowice, Poland, where they played a thrilling, multiple overtime series against CLG Red in the Semi-Finals of the Intel Challenge.  Along with juggling full time jobs, the team has put in six to eight hour days, nearly seven days a week, in the months leading up to the event in preparation.

The team has now safely arrived at Copenhagen Games and will begin the run to defend their title this Friday. The manager of Team Karma, Heather “sapphiRe” Garozzo, offered the following thoughts about the Selfless-Karma partnership for Copenhagen Games:

"My teammates and I are very grateful to Ryu and the Selfless organization for reaching out and offering to support the team in our journey. I’ve known Ryu since 2005 when we were both putting in thousands of hours of our own time to support the Counter-Strike community by hosting and organizing tournaments, developing interesting media content and providing event coverage for various events. We share the same vision for this community’s future and the new Selfless organization represents what Team Karma stands for: that the team is greater than the sum of its parts. On behalf of Team Karma, I’d like to thank Ryu and Selfless for supporting our team in a time of need and inspiring us to live and compete selflessly both during and following our Copenhagen Games journey."

Follow Team Karma’s Copenhagen Games run on the Team Karma Twitter.

We wish Team Karma the best of luck in their journey and hope to see another title brought back to North America.