Selfless Signs Overwatch Team - Continues Expansion

Continuing our organizational growth, today I'm proud to announce we have expanded into Overwatch! This team has been working extremely hard, has been competing in the weekly GosuGamers events, and has big plans and big goals for the upcoming Overwatch tournaments. 

They bring together (and in some cases, BACK together) several well known, storied gaming veterans who have at various times in their gaming careers reached professional level status across a myriad of games, including Battlefield, Brink, AVA, Call of Duty, and Counter-Strike:Global Offensive. 

I'm pleased to present our Overwatch roster, formerly known as "b1am's boys and siccari":

  • Emongg
  • Juv3nile
  • Michael3D
  • rob-wiz
  • Sicarri

Be sure to check out the player bios, including social media and Twitch links, from the Overwatch team page. It's very exciting times at Selfless! Thank you all for your continued love and support.