Selfless CSGO - Roster Change

Today we are announcing a change to our pro CS:GO roster. After competing with the team last season, at Northern Arena Toronto, all the way through WESG in China, Matthew "no_one" Congdon will be stepping down from the team. 

Following our relegation matches, Matt indicated the desire to take a break from competition, and we feel this is best for all involved. We'd like to thank Matt for all his hard work and dedication, for being a great teammate, and for providing us with endless laughs and Smarties candy.

Replacing Matt in our starting five will be Chris "cJ-dA-K1nG" Jones, who has been promoted from a backup slot. cJ's is a very talented player with a strong rifle and good communication, and we're looking forward to competing with him this season.

Please join us in sending well wishes to Matt in his future endeavors, and officially welcome CJ to the Selfless CS:GO lineup.