Selfless Completes Sale & Transfer of Noah "Nifty" Francis

Today, we are announcing the completion of the sale and transfer of Noah "Nifty" Francis to the Detroit Renegades. 

Nifty in a cuckatron 9000

Noah has been with our team since the very beginning of our official run as Selfless Gaming. We brought him on board about a year ago from the team he had been competing with in Premier, and almost immediately afterwards, we began a few months of travel. 

Since that time, he's competed with us in all of our online events, as well as offline events in London, Brazil, China, Canada, Texas, Ohio, and Atlanta. He's stood out as a high potential player to many, and showcased both skill, style, and fun in many highlights, including this one, where his contagious laughter made the caster and our teammates laugh with him. 

He's one of the few (only?) players who switched from console-based Call of Duty and moved into professional Counter-Strike on the PC.

He has consistently put in hard work and is a great example of so many of the principles I personally preach in my videos, tweets, and so on. While it is sad to see him go, I'm very excited to see him compete with Renegades, and the firepower that their team has been able to assemble. 

Please join me in wishing Nifty the best of luck with the Detroit Renegades!