Selfless Organization & Team Updates

Today, we are announcing that the Selfless ownership team (myself and Brad) will be stepping away from the Selfless organization to pursue opportunities that have arisen in the past few months. While the details of said opportunities cannot be shared at the moment, they are very exciting and more will be unveiled as time moves on.

We are very proud of what we've built here, and would love to see the brand live on, so if you or someone you know would be interested in carrying it forward, please contact us via email ( This would make a great opportunity for the right person or group, and I’m more than happy to spend the necessary time to ensure it ends up in the right set of hands.

While considering this decision, we have been working hard behind the scenes to find trustworthy organizations for our remaining teams and players where possible, and have the following updates on that front:

First, we have finalized terms of a transfer of our world-class Rocket League team to an organization to be named later (as they're finalizing the press release and such on their end), including Mijo, Timi, and Dappur. They will continue to compete together, and our Rocket League team, from starters to sleeveless streamers, subs, to management and staff, have been nothing short of stellar, as has been the engagement and support from the Rocket League fans. We couldn’t be more proud and thankful for all of you. 

On the Smash Melee front, Hugo and Lucky have both finished their contract terms and are free agents, looking for new homes effective immediately. Both are great guys and competitors with strong individual brands, and I’m personally hoping to see them signed to new organizations in the very near future—and willing to help make this happen in any way I can— but know that if it takes a little longer than planned, their communities will support them and allow them to continue living their dreams. Joey and Hugo, you guys rock and I’m looking forward to sharing some high quality craft brews with you soon (because that’s what we drink, am I right?).

With respect to Killer Instinct, Fiyah Liger will continue to be the world’s greatest Riptor, bringing dinosaur domination to the Killer Instinct scene so long as he hasn’t picked up another FGC title to compete in. Damien, it was a blast meeting you at CEO in 2016, bringing you on board, and watching you compete. I have a feeling you’re going to switch games soon, but even if you don’t, I’m confident you’ll continue to find success in and out of the game.

Finally, onto the Overwatch team-- since the launch of Overwatch we have fielded a team, and that team has become a prime example of what can be achieved through intentional, purposeful, hard work. While initially we struggled to find success, through said hard work and dedication we cemented ourselves as one of the top teams in the region throughout 2017, and we are extremely proud of this accomplishment.

Unfortunately, with many other organizations releasing their rosters, and given talks we’ve had with those in the space, we were not able to sell our team as a whole to any other organizations.

We absolutely expect to see our players competing in the upcoming Overwatch League, albeit likely with different logos. To the team—you guys are all incredible players, and all of your matches, whether they were wins or losses, were incredibly intense and entertaining—with several of them contending for the greatest matches in competitive Overwatch to date. We’re looking forward to seeing you continue to compete in whatever shape that takes. 

We cannot thank you all enough for the amazing love and support you’ve shared with our organization, our teams, players, coaches and staff over the past 2 years. It’s been an amazing ride and we’re eternally grateful to all of you.

If I can ask one final thing of all of you reading this before I exit, it’s that you continue to show love and support to those who have competed under the Selfless banner. Many of them stream, several are on other teams, and each has made an impact in one way or another on the scene.

I am super excited to see this next chapter unfold and can't wait to share more--

With love,